Bale handling from Quicke

No matter your preconditions or desires,
we have the right tool for you.

Bale handling

The new range of Bale Forks from Quicke: from S to XL!

Covering the bale fork needs from yard loader users to professional contractors.

Our wide selection of bale handling equipment simplifies your work and makes you more productive. We offer a number of different Implements for handling bales in different ways. No matter your preconditions or desires, we have the right tool for you.

Now we have launched a new range of bale forks – from S to XL! From the bale fork S+, a simple and robust bale fork ideal for lighter material handlers, up to the bale fork XL+, for true professional users providing highest carrying capacity.

Bale Fork L+ and XL+, the professionals’ choice with highest capacity, are available with many accessories and perfect for larger tractors, telehandlers and wheel loaders. Curious? Find out more and read all our available bale fork options in detail.

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Original Implements

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Smart farming

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Our new C-series brochure is now available!

The new compact front loader from Quicke is at home when you want to ensure exceptional performance from a highly versatile loader for small tractors.

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Your job is growth and harvesting, not maintenance and repair.

Focus on what really matters.
Q-Care. Worry free farming for your loader.

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Our new Implements brochure 2022 is now available!

A wide variety of implements for a wide variety of jobs. Have a look at our new brochure and find the right one that will fit your needs!

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Meet the next revolution of Quicke implements

Increased productivity with the new Quicke yard loader implements!

Our latest addition to our implements family are designed for the usage with yard loaders and smaller compact wheel loaders in narrow spaces. The size and geometry of the implements are perfectly adjusted to yard loaders’ weight and lift capacity. All yard loader Implements are available with the most common hook types and working angles have been optimized for each machine type disregarding if it is a welded hook or a Bolt on hook.   So if you are looking for a yard loader implement that can easily access the smallest working spaces, has remarkable versatility and outstanding performance, we have the right choice for you in order to increase your productivity!

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New Quicke UK Virtual Show

We have gone digital with the launch of our virtual event, showcasing our latest range of loaders and implements. Working from our Scottish distribution site, we have set up a stand to showcase the Quicke products.

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Introducing Q-series

Next generation of
premium front

The all new Q-series comes with fully integrated smart sensor technology.
It provides superior strength, outstanding visibility and exceptional response.
Q-series also has an extended life span, making it a trusted partner for years to come.

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Introducing X-series


With X-series we are giving you yet another first class alternative for small to medium-sized tractors. This series of front loaders combines design, performance and economy in a unique manner - so that your route to profitability will be as easy as possible.

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The history of Quicke

It started with a lazy attitude towards hay

Our founder, Karl-Ragnar Åström, was a clever entrepreneur who grew tired of handling hay and manure by hand. So he started looking for solutions that would improve his productivity and the solution he came up with was to build Sweden's first front loader. This ultimately led to Quicke, the world’s first drive-in front loader, a few years later and the rest is history...

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